Human Resources

We believe that success depends on our employees' knowledge, skills and motivation. Within this scope, our main objective as the Çuhadaroğlu Metal HR Administration, is to employ the most talented employees and to create a positive business environment by supporting the ideas focused on innovation and development system.

The main aim of the Çuhadaroğlu Metal HR Administration is to create an organization that employs highly qualified and high potential individuals, values employees, is open to change, is sensitive to workers' health and safety, is highly-motivated and creates added value.

In line with the values and deeply rooted corporate culture of Çuhadaroğlu Metal, all HR processes, from recruitment to talent management, to training and development programs, are managed by taking into account the competencies required by the job, potential of employees and their current performances, without discrimination or privilege. The objective of our HR policy is to ensure a peaceful professional environment and physical working conditions in which our employees can demonstrate their talents and skills.

Cuhadaroğlu Metal's announcements for the positions required are published on SecretCV site. You can submit your applications within the scope of posted job advertisements.